Our Story

Egycrops is a trading Egyptian company, based in Alexandria, located in the western-northern coast of Egypt.
As a family business, we, all the members of the family working as a team, side by side to get our clients, from all over the world the products from each and every fertile field in the Egyptian lands.
Our goal is to deliver the best Egyptian handpicked products to the rest of the world and to meet our success partners highest expectations.

Pulses & Grains


Herbs & Spices



Rice & Lentils

Dried Vegetables

Dried Fruits

Birds Feed



Egycrops offers our brand Seedita, covering five segments:
Spices, Herbal tea, Pulses & Grains and Bird's feed.
Egycrops holds a leading market share driven by the reputation and affordability our company offers.
The achievement is the result of winning and maintaining customer satisfaction through diligently focusing on locally handpicked products from 100% trusted local farmers.



Herbal Tea

Birds Feeds


Our Market

Our unique location in the centre of the globe, helps in delivering our products to all markets easily and quickly.
Our clients are located all over the world starting from the Middle East, passing through Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
Guaranteeing the top quality products from Egypt and the surrounding region, we have been passionately serving our clients for over 15 years now.

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Food World Mosow 2015

Cairo, Egypt

Food Africa 2015

Moscow, Russian Fedration


Las Vegas, USA

ECRM 2015

Orlando, USA

Sial 2014

Paris, France




Anuga 2013

Cologne, Germany

Gulf Food 2013

Dubai, UAE

Sial Food 2012

Moscow, Russian Fedration

Fancy Food 2011

Washington DC, USA

WOP 2010

Dubai, UAE


By partnering with producers, farmers and suppliers and sustaining superior logistics and market access,
Egycrops is promising a steady supply of top quality pulses to companies around the world.
We have our processing area, that has machines, sieving machines, calibering machines and sortex machines.

Packaging Options:

From 5KG to 50KG, Poly Propylene bags, customised as client request, printed bags or plain with tags.
We, also, prepare private labelling.

Food Safety Certification:

- HACCP Codex Alimentarius
- ISO 9001:2008

Contact Us

Mrs. Makarem Mohamed Shetoory

 : +2010 03 99 90 38
 : meky229@egycrops.com

Mrs. Mouna Kiera

 : +2012 27 02 39 49
 : mounakiera@egycrops.com
 : info@egycrops.com

Mrs. Mai Kira

 : +20100 552 1566
 : maikira@egycrops.com





   Head Office

 : 14A, Al Nasr Street, Manshia,
      1st Floor, Flat no. 1,
      Alexandria - Egypt.

  : +203 48 42 996
 : +203 48 42 993